Every store is unique, but every store should have a plan to increase revenues. These plans should include:

  • Increasing Sales to Existing Customers – This plan should consider:

    • OTC and Nutraceuticals Plan

    • New and Trend Items

    • Script Synchronization

    • Current Events That Can Impact Sales (COVID-19)

    • Total Health Approach

  • Finding New Customers from the Community – This plan should consider:

    • Transparent PBM

    • Community Outreach Plans

      • Gestational Diabetic, Breast Pumps, Sports and Active Lifestyle Programs, Children’s Vitamin Programs,

    • Outreach to Local Doctors and Emergency Rooms

  • Exploring New Classes of Trade for New Sources of Revenue

    • 340B

    • Long-Term Care and Group Homes

    • Specialty

    • Vaccination and Testing Programs

    • Compounding


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